04-16.1 Receding Hareline

Hares please note:

If you need hash pots and rice cookers, contact our Grand Mattress (Pot Pourri 0417712865 ). 

If you need lights for your run, contact our Grand Master (Pump Action 0419 486 312) prior to your run.

If you need drink stop cups, contact our Brewmaster (Bootie 0419 788 113  ) who will provide them for you.

The maximum spend for nosh and drink stop is $150.00.  

Receipts are required for reimbursement of monies. 

(Please remember we have 4 vegetarians and due to allergies, no capsicum or paprika in any dishes)

** In the case where there is a large crowd or an event, the Hash Cash has the discretion to pay more than the allotted $value.

Scribes:   Please send your Run Reports by noon Saturday to baysidetrash@gmail.com