When: every Tuesday

 Time: 6:15 pm for a 

           6:30 pm run start

 Where: Click on "Receding Hareline" (next run details) page (link above) for address and map link to our weekly runs...



Welcome to Bayside Hash website

Bayside Hash is a mixed Hash and we run (or walk) on Tuesdays at 6:30pm in and around the Brisbane Bayside area.  Check out the "Receding Hareline" page to find out where we're next hashing!

The Important Bits

Run Start: 6:30pm

For the Receding Hareline (detailing where the runs are) click on the "Receding Hareline" button above.

Run Fees: $6.00 Members, $8.00 Non Members - This includes Nosh - No discounts for non-eaters. A Run Fee of $2.00 will still apply for Runs where you purchase your own meal e.g. Pub Runs and some Park Runs.

What to Bring: Torch, Mosquito repellent, Dish and Eatin' Irons, Money and a Cooler for your drinks.

Drink Prices: Beer (incl. Special Beers) $3.00; Softies $1.00; Cruisers/Mixers/Rum&Coke $4.50; Wine $3.00 (by the glass)

Membership Fees (2021-2022): $50. Cash or EFT to Bayside Hash Incorporated 

Due  At change over time 

BSB 014 227    A/C 533172446

Put your Hash name in the description & email Hash Cash (see "contact us" tab for email) advising of your payment.

Note:  only financial members have their runs recorded.