When: every Tuesday

Time: 6:15 pm for a 

         6:30 pm run start

Where: Click on "Receding Hareline" (next run details) page (link above) for address and map link to our weekly runs...



Welcome to Bayside Hash website

Next run 24 November
11 Isaacs Way, Wakerley

Bayside Hash is a mixed Hash and we run (or walk) on Tuesdays at 6:30pm in and around the Brisbane Bayside area.  Check out the "Receding Hareline" page to find out where we're next hashing!

The Important Bits

Run Start: 6:30pm

For the Receding Hareline (detailing where the runs are) click on the "Receding Hareline" button above.

Run Fees: $6.00 Members, $8.00 Non Members - This includes Nosh - No discounts for non-eaters. A Run Fee of $2.00 will still apply for Runs where you purchase your own meal e.g. Pub Runs and some Park Runs.

What to Bring: Torch, Mosquito repellent, Dish and Eatin' Irons, Money and a Cooler for your drinks.

Drink Prices: Beer (incl. Special Beers) $3.00; Softies $1.00; Cruisers/Mixers/Rum&Coke $4.50; Wine $3.00 (by the glass)

Membership Fees (2020-2021): $50. Cash or EFT to Bayside Hash Incorporated

BSB 014 227    A/C 533172446

Put your Hash name in the description & email Hash Cash (see "contact us" tab for email) advising of your payment.