Receding Hareline

Run No.
175501 OctWopa's Birthday Run

Viet Soul Restaurant, 93 Hardgrave Rd, West End 

Car park at the back for the bucket and circle.

Mau Mau/Drillit
1756 08 Oct Mau Mau & Drillit

30 Bowsprit St, Cleveland

Toadily Wild/Fringe Benefits
1757 15 Oct Toadily Wild/Fringe Benefits TBA Possum/Scruffy 
1758 Sunday 20 Oct  Committee

George Clayton Park, Lower Esplanade. Manly


Hares please note:

If you require Cooking Pots and/or Rice Cookers for your run, please contact Hotshot 0424 599 452 and/or Forskin  0423 701 589
 or email

If you require Lights for your run, please contact Hotshot or Catatonic as above.

The maximum spend for nosh and drinkstop is $140 and receipts are required for reimbursement.

Scribes:   Please send your Run Reports by that weeks Friday to