Receding Hareline

Run No.
 6 April 
MCN & Charlatan
Orleigh Park, West End
Wheelbarrow & Pocket Rocket
182713 AprilWheelbarrow & Pocket Rocket
Furment & Cheroot
182820 April
Furment & Cheroot
Abbot Street Park, Carina HeightsToadilly Wild & Ice Prick

Hares please note:

If you require Cooking Pots and/or Rice Cookers, please contact:  Yes Miss - 0419 776 832 or email
If you need lights for your run, contact Radar - 0439 739 653.

The maximum spend for nosh and drinkstop is $150 (it's been increased) and receipts are required for reimbursement.(no capsicum or paprika due to allergies)

Scribes:   Please send your Run Reports by that week's Friday to