Updated as of information supplied up to the 10/1/2022
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  event cancelled

  Brisbane Halfway Hash House
  Harriers Cocktail Party 

Friday 18 February 2022 Bulimba Sailing Squardon 126 Quay Street Bulimba

  Bayside H3 Away Trip 

   Friday 18 March 2022 to Sunday 20 March 2022
   (Celebration 35 Years Bayside H3 details to come)

  Adelaide Nash Hash 

    Friday 25 March 2022  to Sunday 27 March 2022
    (Go to link https://www.adelaidenashhash.com/ )

  Cutlery H3 Yeppoon 1200th Run
    Friday 29 April 2022 to Sunday 1 May 2022, More details in flyer/rego form
    Cutlery H3 (QLD) - 1200th Run Celebration

  Bayside H3 Changeover 

    Tuesday 12 July 2022
    (Details to come)