About Bayside Hash!

A drinking club with a running problem!

Bayside Hash House Harriers is a mixed gender, non-competitive running and walking club with a fun, social element.

Hashing is all about taking in a bit of exercise (called "The Run") followed by some light hearted banter over a meal and some liquid refreshment.

About Bayside Hash

What's it all about then? Well, here you can read up on your history of Bayside Hash and Hash in general.  You can also find out about the roles and members of the committee, see below.  

For the origins of Hash, you can do some reading courtesy of the Australian Hash House Harrier's site (click here).

If you need extra info, please contact us by the Contact Us page.

 Bayside  History 

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Ye old Bayside History Books

(yes.. all three of them)

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Charity Bits

Brisbane Hash Clubs put on a Christmas Charity fundraiser known as "The Red Dress Run".  

This event is where all Hashers' dress-up in their finest Red dress/Christmas attire.

The  Committee and Committee Job Descriptions

If you've volunteered for a committee position, Well done! - Click on the titles below for a few tips. Please note these are just rough ideas and do not necessarily reflect the views of those that hold the actual positions. 

P.S. Remember Rule 1 in Hash - There are no rules!

Committee Positions:  See Contacts Page

Grand Master /Grand Matress:

Brew Master(s)

On Sec + 

 Hash IT

Trail Master

Hash Monk

Hash Cash

Hash Horn

Hash Flash


Hash Cash Assistant